Anaeho`omalu Beach

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Since the official name of this bay is somewhat unpronounceable, locals call it ‘A’- Bay. Anaeho`omalu (ann-EYE-ho-oh-MA-lu) beach is located at the Mariott Hotel in the Waikoloa Beach Resort. This is one of the better places to watch the sunset. The sand here is salt and pepper and very coarse.

There are two entrances to the beach. One is on the hotel side of the beach and the other is farther south near the public parking lot.  A rental shop is located at the hotel entrance to the beach area.

The road to the public parking lot is unmarked. It is a left turn a little past the end of the Queens’ Marketplace shopping area. The road leads to the public parking area.

Clean restrooms and fresh water showers are located along the pathway between the public parking lot and the beach. A path that leads to the Mariott Hotel begins at the showers, skirting the east edge of the fish pond and passing by several historical sites. No rest rooms (only showers) are at the hotel’s entrance to the beach.

The ocean at ‘A’ - Bay is calm most of the year, but afternoons can be quite windy. In fact, ‘A’- Bay is a popular wind surfing and kite surfing site. The best snorkeling is at the south end of the bay. The entry is a gradual sandy and pebbly slope.  Coral heads start about 10 feet out from the beach and run parallel to the beach. Fresh water upwells in this area and through your mask the ocean water can have a smeary appearance where the fresh and salt water mix. Green sea turtles frequent the area.

The nearest shave ice is in the food court at the Queens’ Marketplace, which is on the right as you drive back to the main road.


Specific Information

Aerial photo courtesy of Google Maps.

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Beachgoer’s Checklist

Essentials to pack:

  1. Bulletbeach bag

  2. lightweight day-pack

  3. sunscreen

  4. Bullethat

  5. Bulletpolarized sunglasses

  6. Bulletsand mat

  7. Bulletbeach towel

  8. Bulletumbrella

  9. Bulletchair

  10. Bulletsnacks

  11. Bulletbook, Kindle or iPad

  12. Bulletunderwater camera

  13. Bulletsnorkeling gear

  14. Bulletzip-top plastic bags

  15. Bulletplenty of drinking water

  1. Whale Watching

  2. Bring compact binoculars if you are on the beach between November and April,. Besides ogling other beachgoers, you can use them to spot breaching humpback whales on the horizon.

  1. Be Sun Safe

  2. The tropical sun can be brutal. Even in the shade of a beach umbrella, reflected sunlight can burn unprotected skin. You wouldn’t want to spoil your vacation on the first day, so we advise that you wear sunscreen (factor 45 or 50 is appropriate for most beach activities) and reapply it at least once during your time at the beach. Be sure to sunscreen the tops of your feet and the tops of your ears.

Getting There

From Kailua-Kona: Drive the Queen Ka’ahumanu Highway north from Kona. It is about a 35 minute drive from Kailua Kona and a 15 minute drive from the Waikoloa Beach Resorts.

From Waimea: Drive the Kawaihae Road west from Waimea to the Queen Ka’ahumanu Highway. Turn south (towards Kailua-Kona) onto the Queen Ka’ahumanu Highway at the marked intersection. Turn right at the second stoplight into the Waikoloa Beach Resort complex. .

From Hilo: This is not an easy day trip. The round trip drive will take nearly five hours.

  1. Warning

  2. Beware of falling coconuts. The Royal Fishpond is fronted by rows of coconut palms. Although the hotel landscapers try to keep the trees stripped of coconuts, nothing is perfect. Before spreading out in the shade of a palm tree look up to see if coconuts are hanging from the tree above you. If so, look for a safer resting spot.

  1. Sunset

  2. No matter what vacationers are doing, life is usually placed on hold when the sun approaches the horizon. The beach at ‘A’-Bay is a perfect place to sit and watch the sun sizzle into the Pacific. Click here to calculate the time the sun will set during your vacation.

  1. Royal fishponds

  2. Click the movie below to learn about the royal fishponds at ‘A’- Bay.

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