The Big Island General Store


Packing Checklist

It is warn here all the time. Pack lightly. Here are some suggestions for what to bring with you:

  1. BulletPolarized sunglasses

  2. Sunblock (Factor 50)

  3. Lip balm with SPF 30

  4. Shorts (3 pair)

  5. Click here to purchase vintage Hawaiian postersT-shirts

  6. shapeimage_4_link_0Blouses or Polo-type shirts

  7. Resort wear (see below)

  8. BulletSneakers and socks

  9. BulletSandals or flip-flops

  10. Bullet2 Swimsuits and coverup

  11. BulletHat(s)

  12. BulletTravel umbrella

  13. BulletWaterproof digital camera

  14. BulletCompact Binoculars

  15. BulletBeach bag

  16. BulletLightweight day-pack

  17. BulletQuart-size zip-top bags

  18. BulletPlug-in night lights


For the utmost comfort, wear only cotton fabrics. Pack a lightweight jacket or sweater for the evenings and a waterproof jacket for exploring tropical rainforests. Wear layers of clothes for the different altitudes of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Don’t worry if you forget something. Our retail stores and malls will have what you need.

Resort Wear

If you plan to go out to a fancy restaurant or luau while you are here, consider packing one set of “resort wear”.

  1. For men: dress-shorts or khaki trousers and a collared shirt.

  1. For women: casual skirt, sun dress, capri pants, dressier shorts, etc.

Security on the Beach

Consider keeping your belongings in waterproof and sandproof bags.

  1. Dry-Pak for small items

  2. Dry-Bag for larger items

Reading Material

Books, even paperbacks, can take up a lot of room in your luggage. Consider bringing your reading material electronically on one of these:

  1. Kindle

  2. iPad 2

Getting Married?

Whether it is a formal ceremony at a luxurious resort or a casual ceremony on the beach at sunset, you’ll want to look your best, and looking your best doesn’t have to cost a bundle.

Click here for some wedding fashion ideas that are appropriate for our tropical climate and won’t break the bank.

Click here for a Do-It-Yourself wedding guide.

Click here for some additional fun and practical Hawaiian wedding  ideas.


Feeling Nostalgic?

You are bound to feel sentimental about your visit to The Big Island. When nostalgia strikes, come back here for one more ‘taste’ of The Big Island.

Do-It-Yourself Lu`au

Get together with friends and stage your own Big Island Lu`au. Click here for food and drink recipes and links to do-it-yourself Lu`au supplies.

The Big Island General Store

Let’s suppose you’re planning to vacation in Hawaii over Christmas. You’ve already started on your tan, but where are you going to find a swimsuit or a Hawaiian shirt ... in October?

If your local stores don’t carry what you need to make your trip to The Big Island more comfortable or more fun, check out our store. You are sure to find what you need here ... and it will be delivered right to your doorstep.

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  1. Hawaii: The Big Island Revealed: The Ultimate Guidebook [Paperback]

  2. Lonely Planet Hawaii: The Big Island [Paperback]

  3. Fodor's Big Island of Hawaii, 3rd Edition [Paperback]

  4. Frommer's Portable Big Island of Hawaii [Paperback]

  5. Hawaii: The Big Island Trailblazer [Paperback]

  6. Reef Fish Hawaii: Waterproof Pocket Guide [Paperback]

  7. Snorkel Hawaii: The Big Island

  8. Flowers and Plants of Hawaii: Pocket Guide Series [Paperback)

  9. Big Island Map (What to see and do)


  1. Auhele (John Keawe)

  2. Slack Key Guitar Vol 1

  3. Slack Key Guitar Vol 2

  4. Hawaiian Style

  5. Ho'onanea (John Keawe)

  6. Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Masters Collection 1

  7. Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Masters Collection 2

  8. Facing Future (Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole)

  9. The Best of The Brothers Cazimero


  1. How to Hula

  2. Merrie Monarch Festival Hula Competition

  3. Travel with Kids: Hawaii - The Big Island

  4. Bike-O-Vision Cycling DVD Journey #19 Hawaii's Big Island

  5. Hawaii's Big Island DVD

  6. Best Hawaii Beaches (Nature Relaxation Video)

  7. On Location: Hawaii -The Big Island

  8. Big Island Festival (Hawaiian Cooking with Kids)

  9. Lilo and Stitch

  1. Odds and Ends

  2. Hawaiian Quilt Patterns

  3. Hawaiian Tote Bag

  4. Flip Flop Towel Hooks

  5. Flip Flop Shower Curtain Hooks (set of 12)

  6. Vintage Hawaiian Poster Art

  7. Hawaiian Hemp Anklet

  8. Hawaiian Salt and Pepper Shakers

  9. Hawaiian Themed Jewelry

  10. Hawaiian Dashboard Dolls

  11. Silk Bougainvillea Leis (6)

  12. Silk Maile Leis (6)

  13. Plumeria/Jasmine Lei (6)

  14. Merrie Monarch ‘Silk’ lei (1)

  15. Hawaiian Ukulele

  16. “Silk” Potted Orchid Plants