The Big Island Hawaii Travel Planner

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Useful Facts

  1. Official Name

  2. Hawaii’s Big Island (also known as The Big Island or Hawai`i Island. it is also Hawaii County.

  1. Nickname

  2. The Orchid Isle

  1. Location

  2. 19°34′N 155°30′W
    The Big Island of Hawai`i is the largest of the islands in the Hawaiian archipelago.

  1. Visitors frequently confuse the Big Island with the island of Oahu, where Honolulu is located. Actually the Big Island is a 40 minute plane ride from Honolulu.

  1. Population

  2. Approximately 185,000

  1. Average Temperature

  2. The Big Island is situated within the tropics at about 20 degrees above the equator. It is warm here all the time. The average daytime temperature range is 75˚-85˚ F.

Aloha poster

Imagine a tropical island so big that an entire state is named after it! So big that all of the other islands that make up its island chain could fit on it ... twice! So big that there is room on it for both the world’s tallest mountain and its most massive mountain. So big that it could take an entire day to drive around it...without stopping. So big that its nickname, The Big Island, doesn’t quite do it justice.

The Big Island of Hawaii has everything you are looking for in a tropical vacation: golf, entertainment, adventure, relaxation, luxury resorts, sand, surf, and sun. In fact, the only thing missing are hordes of people. Although it is the largest of the islands in the Hawaiian chain, the Big Island of Hawaii is one of the least populated. That means uncrowded beaches, wide open vistas, personal, friendly service, and an island with a deep connection to its Hawaiian roots awaits you.

We believe that a perfect Hawaiian vacation should begin on the Big Island. And who knows, after you experience what our island has to offer you may not want to go anywhere else. Let us help you plan your trip. Click on one of the links on this page to get started.

Hawaii: The Island of Romance and Adventure (videos)

  1. Travel Resources

  2. Click here for a list of recommended books, videos, and other resources you may want to acquire before your trip.

  1. Free Visitors’ Guide

  2. Thanks to the Internet it is easy to get a head start on your Big Island vacation. Click here to view or download the Official Hawai`i Big Island Vacation Guide.

  1. Calendar of Events

  2. Want to know what is happening on the Big Island during your vacation? Click here for the latest information.

  1. Lu`au Lowdown

  2. You have to attend at least one Lu`au while you are on The Big Island. Click here for the latest lu`au update.

  1. Volcanic Activity (videos)

  2. The Big Island is home to two of the most active volcanoes in the world. The current eruption at Kilauea, which  started in 1982, attracts thousands of visitors daily. Click here for webcam images and the latest information about the current eruption.

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